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Campingplatz im Steinwald

Our NatureCamp

Our campsite is located in the middle of the Steinwald Nature Park, surrounded by fields and meadows right next to the swimming pond. Here you can cool off wonderfully, the children can splash around in the non-swimmers' area and romp around on the lawn with some play equipment. Large deciduous trees also provide some shady spots.

30,000 sqm of nature

30 day pitches

50 permanent pitches

20,000 sqm lake

The check-in

When you arrive, you can park in front of our barrier for 5 minutes to check in at our check-in container. Here you can not only see which spaces are still available, but also book your holiday with us directly. After completing your booking, you will receive an RFID card that you can top up with credit directly at the machine. You can then use your card to pass the barrier and gain access to all the rooms. With your credit, you can conveniently pay for your shower, electricity, water and emptying your cassette.

Note: We do not have a reception. All bookings are made via our check-in machine.

The parking space

Each pitch has its own power connection, which you can activate at one of the power columns using your RFID card . The kilowatt hours you use are then deducted from your credit. One kWh costs €0.80. You can transfer any excess credit back from the power column at the end of your stay and have it paid out again at the machine when you check out.

All pitches have a paved area for your vehicle, the rest is grass.

The surrounding wild shrub hedges offer some privacy and you are welcome to help yourself to our herb and berry beds.

Note: Since the pitches were newly created in spring 2024, all plants are still quite small .

The sanitary facilities

The sanitary facilities were freshly renovated in spring 2024 and offer you modern toilets and showers. Payment for the showers is done via your RFID card - and to the second: credit is only debited from your card when the water is running! The same applies to washing dishes.

A laundry room with the latest machines also offers you the opportunity to wash and dry your laundry via our partner WeWash .

Note: You need the WeWash app for this

Dumping & Garbage

At the dumping station, you can refill your water tank using your RFID card . Here, too, you only pay for the amount of water you actually need.

Your grey water can be emptied into our wastewater shaft free of charge. This flushes automatically before and after use.

Thanks to the CamperClean cleaning station, the unpleasant task of emptying toilet cassettes is a thing of the past. The station cleans your cassette reliably and 100% automatically - simply push it in full and remove it clean and empty.

Attention: Emptying is only possible for the following cassette models ! We do not have any other emptying option for camping toilets.

The pitch plan

Our newly created pitches for day campers are centrally located at NaturCamp Steinwald. The dumping station is easy to reach both when entering and leaving. It is also not far to the sanitary facilities. The swimming lake can be reached via the sandy beach!

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